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MoSI nanowires

MoSI nanowires Mo6S9-xIx nanowires exhibit interesting structural and electronic properties due to the flexible S linkages, which can be either short or long linke in an accordion. We have investigated the structrual and electronic properties of isolated and bundled Mo6S9-xIx nanowires. We find the optimum interwire distance depends on composition and to a smaller degree on the orientation of the wires. Structural order is expected in bundles with x=0 and x=6, since there is no disorder in the decoration of the Mo clusters. In bundles with other stoichiometries we expect structural disorder to occur. We find that the electronic structure of some nanowires can be switched from metallic to semiconducting by changing the interwire separation. The most intriguing changes occur in nanowires with x=4.5 and 6,which change from metal to semiconductor or undergo a magnetic transition upon axially stretching or compressing the nanowires or upon changing the inter-wire separation.

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