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  • [10.22] Welcome!! Seungjun Lee, a KHU graduate, joined our Group.
  • [10.15] Congratulations!! Cheol-Woon Kim and Jihoon Kim won a prize at Korea Supercomputing Challenge 2014.
  • [8.27] Welcome!! Min Gwan Kim, a senior student, joined our Group.
  • [8.20] Congratulations!! Chang Sun Lee received his M.S. degree.
  • [8.20] Congratulations!! Hayoung Lee received her B.S. degree.
  • [4.12] Congratulations!! Sang Moon Yoon got married.
  • [3.21] Congratulations!! Hayoung Lee, Yongju Lee, Jejune Park, Cheol-Woon Kim won a prize at EDISON Competition.
  • [3.18] Prof. Kwon has published a paper of “Nanoscale Spin-State Ordering in LaCoO3 Epitaxial Thin Films” (Chem. Mater. 26 (8), 2496 (2014)) in collaboration with Prof.Miyoung Kim at Seoul National University.
  • [2.19] Congratulations!! Sora Park received her Ph.D. degree.
  • [2.19] Congratulations!! Dae-Gyun Kwon received his M.S. degree.
  • [2.16] Sora Park and Prof. Kwon have published a paper of “Voltage-switchable photocurrents in single-wall carbon nanotube – silicon junctions for analogue and digital optoelectonics” (Nature Photon. 8 (3), 239-243 (2014)) in collaboration with Prof. Yung Joon Jung and Prof. Swastik Kar at Northeastern University, USA.
  • [2.07] Welcome!! Hosin Song, a senior student, joined our Group.

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