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 ==== Thermal expansion of graphyne ==== ==== Thermal expansion of graphyne ====
-We have investigated the thermal expansion behaviors of graphyne ​blah +We have investigated the thermal expansion behaviors ​of three different types (α, β, and γ) of graphyne 
-blah +which is a two-dimensional carbon allotrope composed of //sp// and //​sp<​sup>​2</​sup>//​ bonds. 
- +We have found that all three types of graphyne exhibit negative in-plane thermal expansion. 
 +The observed in-plane thermal contraction can be attributed to the ripple effect, similarly in graphene. However,  
 +the ripple effect itself is not sufficient to explain anomalously larger thermal contraction found in graphyne than in graphene. 
 +Our deliberate analysis on the phonon modes observed in graphyne enables us to discover another source causing such amplified contraction behavior. 
 +We found that there are particular phonon modes with frequencies around a few hundreds of cm<​sup>​-1</​sup>​ existing exclusively in 
 +graphyne that may fill empty spaces resulting in area reduction. 
 +These modes are attributed to the libration of "rigid units" composed of triple bonds
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