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Table of Contents


Seminar at Department of Physics, Sejong University (Seoul, Korea, October 21)

  • [10/21] Physical Properties and Applications of Nanostructured Materials: Computational Approach
    Young-Kyun Kwon, (invited)

Seminar at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (Daejeon, Korea, July 14)

  • [7/14] Toward Storage and Device Applications through Electronic Structures Control
    Young-Kyun Kwon (invited)

The 4th KIAS Workshop on Electronic Structure Calculations (KIAS, Seoul, Korea, June 26-27)

  • [6/26] Bonding Characteristics between Molecular Hydrogen and Oxygen Atom in Ethylene Oxides
    Young-Kyun Kwon (invited)

NSTI Nanotech, The Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show (Boston, MA, USA, June 1-5)

  • [6/3] Diameter Selective Growth of Vertically Aligned Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Ethanol Flow Control
    M.G. Hahm, M.A. Noah, Y.-K. Kwon, and Y.J. Jung

APS March Meeting (New Orleans, LA, USA, March 10-14)

  • [3/13] Electronic Property Control of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Functionalization
    Chiayun Wu, Sungjong Woo, and Young-Kyun Kwon

  • [3/12] Magic Number of a Spherical Ca Cluster on C60
    Sungjong Woo, and Young-Kyun Kwon

  • [3/11] Single Layer Graphene formation on Silicon Oxide surface(001)
    Heesung Choi, Sungjong Woo, and Young-Kyun Kwon

  • [3/10] Modeling Nanotube Networks For Semiconductor Channels and Sensors
    Meg Noah and Young-Kyun Kwon

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