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APS March Meeting (Minneapolis, MN, March 20-24)

  • [3/22] Fractional Quantum Conductance in Carbon Nanotubes
    Young-Kyun Kwon, David Tománek, Stefano Sanvito, and Colin J. Lambert

  • [3/22] Are There Magnetic Magic Numbers?
    David Tománek, Young-Kyun Kwon, Pedro Serra, and Jorge M. Pacheco

  • [3/21] Thermal Conductance of Carbon Nanotubes
    Savas Berber, Young-Kyun Kwon, and David Tománek

  • [3/21] Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Films Containing Carbon Nanotubes
    Virginia M. Ayres, Dean M. Aslam, David Tománek, A. Hoffman, Munif Farhan, U. Kim, Young-Kyun Kwon, and Savas Berber

Special Condensed Matter Theory Seminar, Ohio State University (OH, January 12)

  • [1/12] Equilibrium Geometry and Electronic Properties of Nanostructures
    Young-Kyun Kwon (invited)

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