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Table of Contents


Seminar of Condensed Matter Physics (Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, December 28)

  • [12/28] Growth Mechanism, Electronic Structure and Application of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes
    Young-Kyun Kwon (invited)

International Workshop on Collisions Involving Atomic Clusters (Sonderborg, Denmark, June 20-24)

  • [/] Functional Modeling of a Nanotube-Based Memory Device
    Young-Kyun Kwon, and David Tománek

APS March Meeting (Los Angeles, CA, March 16–20)

  • [3/18] Do Carbon Nanotubes Spin when Bundled ?
    Young-Kyun Kwon, David Tománek, Young Hee Lee, Kee Hag Lee and Susumu Saito

  • [3/18] Electronic and Structural Properties of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
    David Tománek and Young-Kyun Kwon

The 12th Annual Center for Fundamental Materials Research (CFMR) Symposium *(Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA, March 2)

  • [3/2] Growth Mechanism of Single-Wall and Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
    Young-Kyun Kwon and David Tománek

International Workshop on Large-scale Quantum Simulations: Total energy and Force Methods (Tsukuba, Japan, January 12-14)

  • [1/12] Growth Mechanism of Single and Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
    Young Hee Lee, Young-Kyun Kwon, Seong-Gon Kim, David Tománek and Richard E. Smalley (invited)

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